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I’m fortunate to be part of this project last year, it was released just before christmas of 2012. 11 Tracks, Wicked Versions from:


The story of it was early that year [January 2012], Eric (Bassist of Lady-I aka SILENT HERB) called me up and asked me if I could do a dub version one of them songs within a month span. Well obviously back in my mind “HECK YEAH!!!” hehe, not to get over excited I was in between numerous projects. My bread for my MUSICAL JOURNEY is working on FILM SOUND, other than earning a little bit of cash from touring and gigging as a dj for Budoy / and vocalist for CDMC, I work my ass off at my home studio countless of hours fixing / editing DIALOG, Cutting Sound EFFECTS, some I did music mixing and editorial for Commercials and WebEpisodes.

I was super excited and forgot about the projects that was on my plate and jumped right on to FL STUDIO, YES FOLKS! You heard it right!!! I make music in FL Studio other known as Fruity Loops back in the day. Running it on Windows [BOOTCAMP]  – Dual Boot on MAC Osx where you can run Windows after a restart.hehe I’ve always been a Mac user since 2003 but none of the applications at that time was an equivalent for a Fruity Loops replacement. Unlike right now, Logic and Ableton has been up in the business and bustin’ all other beat apps, even iPad has beat making applications!!! Tell me about it…


After making some rough beat pass in a week, and I though I needed to do all re-timing of all vocals, and probably sample some guitars and keys, drums whatever I can use to retain the feel of the song. I was not feeling the vibe already having had to listen to the song a million times over. Yes I was that excited!!! Then deadlines had to be met by a film that was supposed to screen on February 🙂 A month has passed and I eventually almost forgot about it till Irene [Lady-I] emailed me, and asked how was the song coming along… OOPPPS!

O yeah back to the song. So I finally finished it end of February and submitted a rough mix of Amanagetcha the month after…Never heard from them till few weeks had passed. I realized I only used the vocals from the original song and stripped all of the instruments [well I got the MULTI-TRACK files, Don’t ask me if how I separated the VOCALS from the original SONG, I got all the tracks from them separated e.g. Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums – Kik Snr Hh etc etc]

But wait, here’s more…They liked it so much that I felt I had to redo it and make it sound fatter or better from it’s current mix state. And yes! This is my very first attempt to mix music by the book and properly taking in to consideration the very little sonic details of the sound in general after few years of failing to understand music mixing in Pro Tools. It’s hard! I have to tell you that, and other than making music, mixing music is another world as compared to mixing FILMS. I do export each track I made in FL Studio and pass it on to Pro Tools in OSX which I’m more comfortable mixing and editing audio. So imagine, if I was working on 30-40 total layered tracks in FL, I had to to do it one by one. [I din’t know the shortcut back then…hahahahaha] That was already the whole night eaten up by just doing that, then I had to re-render again if I felt it din’t work. Going back and forth from OSX to WIN was ########!!!!

So yeah, it felt good though when they asked me to do 2 more songs…Whoohoo! So here you go, have a listen!!! Enjoy…Share if you like! Hit the LIKE button if You LIKE the songs, even more better buy the album! 🙂


Ragga Babe

Beat Up

LADY-I is currently touring in Luzon right now, go check em out. For more info about the band, you can check out their FB page here:

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