1985 Formed an all-high school student roots reggae band
“ASB” and starts performing in local clubs at Shizuoka

88 Starts to perform in YOKOHAMA and at the same time

91 Moves to New York to take short trips to Jamaica and
began studying reggae

92 Releases his first vinyl record “WICKED JAPANESE”
from VIP label.

93 Makes a long stay at cockburnpen in kingston Jamaica
and performed in shows with KILLAMANJARO
around the ghetto and more bands show.
Goes on tour with the SOUND SYSTEM

97 Performs at Jubilee Jam,@ Chiang Mai University Thailand.

99 Performs at Bob Marley Day Festival, San Diego USA.

2000 Performs with ZION HIGH PLAYAZ at the ceremony
“The Day Out of Time” of Native Indian from Mexico and
also at Jubilee Jam 2000.

01 Starts a new record label “ZION HIGH”.

05 Starts another label “KITEKI MUZIK” in July. Goes on
tour in Taiwan and opens up his path to Asia.

06 Performs at Yokohama Reggae Festival in August, where
they had thirty thousand visitors at Yokohama Stadium.

07 Releases album “I Land I” on June 21st. In September,
goes on tour in Taiwan and gets invited to perform at the
ethnic festa “TAITUNG MUSIC FES @Taitung TAIWAN

08 Released album”PAPA U-Gee BEST+” for 20th
anniversary. and Performs at Yokohama Reggae Festival,
Sunset live, Taitung music festival on August.

09 Release album “Natural”

10 Tour for “Asian reggae massive LinkUp” @ PHILIPPINES

11 Release New album “CONNECTION”

PAPA U-Gee has performed at many big Reggae Festivals and has been active in various scenes such as being appointed as the town planning goodwill ambassador of Yaizu. After experiencing the Taiwan tour of 2007, he plans to perform more in Asia. He is the most respected Reggae Artist of Japan, no doubt about it.

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