It’s been a while I updated my site. I wanna share this little jam we had few days ago in DAVAO. We had the best time ova there as  always. Had so many trips to this city but this one was one of those notable one. We have had a chance to jam several times with I-Dren in Manila but this was probably 3 straight days hanging out after we had our main gig at a tattoo convention. Busting some tunes all day and getting baked all day.hahaha I have to set aside what I’ve been doing lately on a separate update, and why I haven’t talked about some of the exciting projects I’m involved with. Read on…

I-DREN ARTSTRONG [B-side Crew Manila] is one of the most respected MC / Producer / Instrumentalist in the HIP-HOP scene in the Philippines but without a doubt has been into REGGAE since the beginning of time. You name it, this dude can bust tunes in minutes. I even remember listening to his album, and heard a MASSIVE DANCEHALL tune back in the day when we – CDMC where in Manila for the MOTOROLA Rock’Moto Bar Tour 2006…I was stoked that, he even asked me to dj for him on his set. And then history it is. Collaboration tracks in the works.

Track Credits: Yanni on Keys, Jib on Bass, CoolieDread on Drums and Arrangement…This WORK HARD RIDDIM is for CDMC’s Up and Coming album, YES! We are cooking up one groovy album. Share this if you like it! Bless Up!

With BUDOY, more tunes coming your way. WATCH IN HD! and with MASSIVE BASS SPEAKERS! Ya’ll need to hear the BASS. Just woke up and I-dren came in our room knockin’ and yo! Let’s Jam!!! This is RAW and Unedited. ENJOY!!!

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