Great Year!

Yeey yow! Haven’t been writing ova here, but I assure you all of this will make up for all the music that I haven’t shared. It’s been a great start of the year for me, going back full time on music and having been able to perform and tour as much. As well as taking a break on shooting aerial footage, gave me more time to design my rig for more efficient flying. It’s not cheap to crash, and it has been painful loosing my gopro hero 3 black edition last year. Some crashes here and there for the past 3 years of flying taught me how not to crash and hahaha…and building…and re-building. I shall have a compilation of my proudest moments in aerial filming 😀 come check out my youtube channel and watch some of my stuffs! SUBSCRIBE!

and cheers to more music! Here’s a tribute to Bob Marley’s 70th Birthday! FREE DOWNLOAD!

This was 2 years ago, practice flying before shooting GN PROFILES aerials… time flies! filmed by my buddy Epos 😀

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