This has been so long overdue! Here you go! Snippets of nice flights I did with my aerial rig. Official website and list of services coming very soon!

This gear is not a very easy and cheap thing to make, as advertised by ready-to-fly “drones”. But as they say, it’s either you have the money and time, or you have the money and time! hahaha

I still went through the long process of building my own flyer. As many RC hobbyist would always say, “If you ain’t got the money but you have the time, build it yourself”. Well, I didn’t have both. So with pure determination and 3 long years of self-study on how it works — building from scratch, crashing, figuring out how the camera works — I can say it’s been quite a tough ride. To say the least, I went through lots of frustration and a lot of time spent on refining what I can proudly call “my very own” aerial rig. Also, the huge support from my brother and wife pretty much pushed me to soldier on and learn as fast as I could.

To be honest, the spending does not stop, but the fun and outcome is definitely worth it. I intend to shoot not only my music videos, but also use my gear for aerial mapping — taking photos and videos up in the air and making one big map for the people who need it — also shooting a range of other things: from farmlands and resorts, to disaster stricken areas, and rescue missions.

So yeah, enjoy the ride! (PS: DO WATCH THIS IN HD!)

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