Brand New Year

Today I write briefly how my 2016 went. It might seem I have not done anything, but it was a super busy year. As years progress thru this musical journey, venturing different unchartered realms thru my personal abilities. I challenged myself to practice instruments that will guide my producing study and enhance all of the skills that I put on hold. Plain old reason any musician would encounter: THE LACK OF INTEREST. And I know for sure it would equate to stomp growth… 2016 was a good ride.

From my family that truly respects and supports my endeavour, my good bandmates, artists around the world and as well as artists in our country that gave me the opportunity to mix or produce their music, old mentors I kept in touch with as well as my students. Yes, for a year and a half I have a day job teaching film sound in a premiere film school in our town. I couldn’t have imagined I have moved on and stop making music. So much has happened that I am a changed man. My recipe was quite simple but very hard to achieve. PRACTICE and GET BETTER. BE PATIENT and NEVER QUIT.


4 to 5 hrs practicing guitar mid year around june while singing –  damn hard!!! daily…

1 to 2 hrs practicing the portable vinyl setup around october – hands getting numb!!! every other day…

1 to 2 hrs practicing drums daily around december – I wish longer but that’s how long I can

recording and mixing in Avid ProTools almost everyday…

achievements and finished:
2 feature films, 1 full sound track for a movie, 1 theme park project, star wars commercial, recording and mixing cdmc new album and countless of gigs that I can’t even imagine traveling to more than 10 new places in 1 year.

The best of them all is healthy and happy FAMILY. I spent most of my time with my FAMILY which is the most important thing in the world.

I talk about this on a personal level because MUSIC for me is MY LIFE. Some may not understand that, I make my music because that’s how I feel. I make music because it makes me feel good. Lastly, I leave you with a new release and I hope you will support my album by getting a copy. SHARE IT! GIVE THANKS!!!

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