Water For Your Soul

Old but gold… To this very day, I’m still proud of what we achieved as a band and on a personal level with this album. A very ambitious goal I wanted to attain as an independent artist with no help from external music corporation. Numerous hours, days to months in sculpting the sound that we have captured and just so people could hear it. Though it was never a platinum nor an award winning album, but it felt like really winning a battle. Never felt so excited in my life listening to this again with a fresh ear. So many things I wanted to change and to re-arrange in the mix, and I really hope I can when this will have it’s refix versions. For the meantime, if it’s your first time to come across our music… COME FI LISTEN! SUPPORT THE BAND BY COMING TO OUR SHOWS! GET A COPY OF THE ALBUM, DIGITALLY OR GET A CD! WEAR OUR SHIRT WITH PRIDE! CDMC SOUND COME AGAIN!!!


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