Once upon a time, he used to play drums for HERBS (roots reggae dancehall band formed 1998) – recorded a self-titled album and released in 2002. As the years progressed his interest was drawn to producing music which lead to the group CDMC (dancehall reggae band) when his former band HERBS disbanded in 2005. Gaining recognition from winning the Motorola Rock’moto 2006, CDMC toured heavily around the Philippine islands…From then on, he was also DJing from time to time in private parties and producing numerous tracks for CDMC and would later on be collaborations with: Jr.Kilat [Cebu, Phils], Cattski [Cebu, Phils], Ranking Ruff [U.S.A./CHINA], D.Smith [NewMexico, U.S.A], Michal Garcia [Texas, U.S.A.], Gaucho [Davao, Phils], Milagros Dancehall Collective, [Manila, Phils], Lady-I [Manila, Phils], Skankin’ Brews [Cebu, Phils] and JCOY [Cebu, Phils].

Later on was invited to join Jr.Kilat as their touring / sampling DJ in 2009. Within that year, SigbinHaus SoundSystem was also formed. Teamed up with Budoy [lead vocals of Jr.Kilat – a dub reggae band] and GK aka MC Island Rudebwoy. They had traveled the road less traveled areas of the Philippine Islands and extensively performing at beach resorts, private places, clubs, and what ever venue you can think of!


In 2010, CoolieDread represented the PHILIPPINES alongside Budoy in the Shanghai World Expo [China] for 6 months. They also performed extensively around Shanghai and was also invited to Host and DJ several countries in the World Expo with-in those time…

Currently back in Cebu, Philippines, still active in both bands CDMC, Jr.Kilat plus SigbinHaus SoundSystem dj crew: Music will continually evolve…Spreading positive vibes in every way!


2002 Herbs EP Self-Titled Album [Produced by CoolieDread]

2005 CDMC How Are You World? Album [Produced by CoolieDread]

2006 CDMC – Motorola Rock’moto Grand Champion

2007 CDMC Toured around the Philippines: Manila, Dumaguete, Bohol, Leyte, Cebu

2008 CDMC Water For Your Soul Album [Produced by CoolieDread]

2008 CDMC @ Fete de la Musique, Cebu, Pi

2008 CDMC @ Cebu Reggae Festival, Cebu, Pi

2009 Lexie Lee [Jamaican Dancehall Artist]
– Dumaguete, Phils – Tour DJ

2009 Tacx Arcade Games Composer: Peloton, Skyrider, and Aquarious

2009 Jr.Kilat and SigbinHaus SoundSystem Selector – till present

2009-2011 Tiki Tuesdays
– Tiki Bar, Bigfoot, Mactan

2009 CDMC @ Fete de la Musique, Cebu, Pi

2009 CDMC and Jr.Kilat @ Cebu Reggae Festival, Cebu, Pi

– Philippines DJ alongside Budoy
– hosted and performed at pavillion parties: Germany, Latvia, Luthania & mid-term Grand Expo

2010 The Shelter, China – shared stage with Uprooted Sunshine SoundSystem & Legendary Jamaican Dub Producer – Clive Chin

2011 SigbinHaus SoundSystem @ Bisrock Festival, Dubai, UAE

2011 SigbinHaus SoundSystem @ Fete de la Musique, Cebu, Pi

2012 Jr.Kilat @ Malasimbo Festival, Puerto Galera, Phils

2012 Jr.Kilat, CDMC, SigbinHaus SoundSystem @ Cebu Reggae Festival, Cebu, Pi

2012 Jr.Kilat @ Fete de la Musique, Cebu, Pi

2012 M Party – Maskara Festival @ Art District, Bacolod, Pi

2012 JCOY “Ride My Rhymes” EP Album [Produced by CoolieDread]

** Photos by Archie Uy & Ivan Zaldarriaga

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