Jerico, known to many as Jcoy, started his music vocation by playing bass in his High School band. He never imagined he would later become the front act and venture into singing, and even carrying his own name as a solo artist

In 2009, Jcoy teamed up with Paul, the lead vocalist of reggae band STIF. Paul saw Jcoy’s potential and encouraged him to do an off-the-cuff performance in one of STIF’s shows. Needless to say, the crowd enjoyed his fresh style of rhythmically rapping to the fickle beats of the music. Due to this success, Jcoy and STIF collaborated on a few tracks and eventually, he officially became part of STIF.

The band’s regular performances in local and regional venues further exposed Jcoy’s talent to a larger crowd. It wasn’t long until he met with producers CoolieDread and Access Crew who recognized his talent and have supported in cultivating it even more.

Today, Jcoy has come a long way from the modest bassist to an evolved musician. He performs in a variety of genres such as hip hop, reggae, experimental and dub.

He even writes his own songs that are broadly based on his budding experiences and strong observations that widely concern his social and political environment. When writing songs, Jcoy is driven by his belief that music is an eminent tool to educate the youth and inform the people about the truth.

Aside from his passion in music, Jcoy is also an avid long boarder. He is an active member of the Free Energy Cooperative and a team rider of the Grupo Nopo long boarding crew. He regularly joins skate tours in different parts of the country. During these tours, he is also able to share his music while enjoying his favorite pastime.

Jcoy is currently working on his solo album with an aim to encourage awareness and spread some positive vibes through his music.

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