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“SO MUCH” original tune from Bob Marley “SO MUCH TROUBLE” – JIB and I made a digital reggae tribute tune [yeah another one] free for ya’ll to DOWNLOAD! Literally this month and next month will be a blast ūüėČ Stoked and always having a positive outlook on things, here are some updates:

1. GLIDEWISE – ¬†my brand of¬†fiberglass skimboards I designed and shaped for fun [2001-2006] Eventually it became a backyard business on the side back in the day. Pondering on things I did so much to help those kids before who couldn’t afford a board. I sponsored them in competitions and gave them what they needed. Now I reopened that name to carry some of the functional carriers for vinyls as well as for beach use, whatever you think you can use it with. Also¬†to launch my aerial business as well under one name later part of this year. Fingers crossed… LIKE and SUPPORT¬† better yet! Pre-Order online this coming MAY 2015!

2. Gigs and more gigs. I humbly thank Budoy of Junior Kilat, SigbinHaus SoundSystem and of course most specially CDMC for being there to satisfy my craving for producing music and as well as perform those music we made. Though CDMC has just started to regroup, it will take some time to get back the momentum once we had before. We are getting¬†super busy¬†and priorities change. I know there are some people who were anxious for the next album after “WATER FOR YOUR SOUL” and at the same time pissed about us for some good reason. We disappeared having not to tour on different islands that really wanted to hear and see CDMC live. hehe Don’t worry, we shall be performing soon this year and with a new album [yeah almost 6 years now hahaha]. Anyway, on that note here some dates to remember…

April 26 Kadaugan sa Mactan – TBA with Junior Kilat

April 28-May4 Boracay Island, Aklan as CoolieDread alongside I-Dren Artstrong, IAMTONG, RaggaMarv

May 9-10 Mt. Natib Festival, Bataan with SigbinHaus SoundSystem

May 31 Uproar, Camsur with Junior Kilat

– and some other gigs I cannot dare to mention – ¬†hahaha sorry private parties…

Okay here’s the track!¬†FREE DOWNLOAD! SHARE IT! ENJOY


This is possible for ya’ll to see from the help of our friends abroad and with good love from neighboring islands of the Philippines. As a human being I am obliged to help my brothers and sisters in need. The aftermath of SUPER TYPHOON YOLANDA November 8, 2013, internationally known as HAIYAN, has obliterated parts of LEYTE and CEBU, Philippines… Few of my brave friends went along with me to seek survivors in LEYTE and help them in our own little way. Give them vital relief, medical kits and shelter support. This is the visual story we tell, after a week that typhoon has passed. Not much relief has reached some areas…


for more info, visit this links and fb pages. if you want to help or donate,
please contact me directly:



WE, artists, musicians, athletes, professionals of CEBU… UNITE FOR A CAUSE!!!

ubec unite cover

click on the links below to hear the real story… we humbly appreciate all the love!

supplies had arrived ūüôā¬†your donation will go along way…


If your in Cebu City, come and join us as well. a lot of MASSIVE ARTISTS performing for a cause!

ubec unite

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We need help!


My friend Stephen Carpenter is gonna get us supplies for our SEARCH & RESCUE MISSION…

I’m producing hammocks with DWLE as sleeping solutions for our volunteers out in Leyte and Cebu as well. Drop me a message: that is also my PAYPAL ACCOUNT if you want to chip in. MASSIVE THANKS FOR YA’LL WHO DID!!!


This is one of the projects that I’ve been super busy for the past months. Other than formulating solid story line, I have had to learn how to build, and fly RC multi-rotor systems [a remote controlled helicopter that take pictures and video up the air]. Also on top on that, shoot ground video and solely rely on my oldskul knowledge in basic editing. Refreshing those unexplored skills for the past year, I’ve been super busy and yet so silent about these stuffs. Here you go! Share this if you like the video. Full Video Coming soon…


special thanks to FILA SOFIA for all the support and help during production. As well as BIG RESPECT to the crew GrupoNopo, EPOS and SOULAMMO…