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This has been so long overdue! Here you go! Snippets of nice flights I did with my aerial rig. Official website and list of services coming very soon!

This gear is not a very easy and cheap thing to make, as advertised by ready-to-fly “drones”. But as they say, it’s either you have the money and time, or you have the money and time! hahaha

I still went through the long process of building my own flyer. As many RC hobbyist would always say, “If you ain’t got the money but you have the time, build it yourself”. Well, I didn’t have both. So with pure determination and 3 long years of self-study on how it works — building from scratch, crashing, figuring out how the camera works — I can say it’s been quite a tough ride. To say the least, I went through lots of frustration and a lot of time spent on refining what I can proudly call “my very own” aerial rig. Also, the huge support from my brother and wife pretty much pushed me to soldier on and learn as fast as I could.

To be honest, the spending does not stop, but the fun and outcome is definitely worth it. I intend to shoot not only my music videos, but also use my gear for aerial mapping — taking photos and videos up in the air and making one big map for the people who need it — also shooting a range of other things: from farmlands and resorts, to disaster stricken areas, and rescue missions.

So yeah, enjoy the ride! (PS: DO WATCH THIS IN HD!)

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Great Year!

Yeey yow! Haven’t been writing ova here, but I assure you all of this will make up for all the music that I haven’t shared. It’s been a great start of the year for me, going back full time on music and having been able to perform and tour as much. As well as taking a break on shooting aerial footage, gave me more time to design my rig for more efficient flying. It’s not cheap to crash, and it has been painful loosing my gopro hero 3 black edition last year. Some crashes here and there for the past 3 years of flying taught me how not to crash and hahaha…and building…and re-building. I shall have a compilation of my proudest moments in aerial filming 😀 come check out my youtube channel and watch some of my stuffs! SUBSCRIBE!

and cheers to more music! Here’s a tribute to Bob Marley’s 70th Birthday! FREE DOWNLOAD!

This was 2 years ago, practice flying before shooting GN PROFILES aerials… time flies! filmed by my buddy Epos 😀

2014 Siargao International Fishing Tournament

Tunes and Video / Edit by yours truly. Sound Design by my good friend Vanya Fantonial of CEBUPOSTSOUND… Enjoy and watch in HD! Share it to your friends…


Hey hey! Before anything else, I have been working on several projects at the moment. From prototyping my aerial rig (designing and crashing my aerial video systems), shooting some videos, gigging around, recording secretly with co-producer / keyboardist YanniBoi of CDMC (watch out for that – not a secret anymore).

I just got back from Siargao with BigAnswerSound [Japan] and SigbinHaus. A month ago, went to Dipolog for my brother’s wedding, also down North Zamboanga and other towns reconnecting with my family roots. Visited Bicol – Sorsogon, did some long road trip and nature tripping and a little bit of surfing. Shot some more videos as well.

Earlier in February, SigbinHaus [Rastaninja aka Budoy + Brother Clay aka DJ Lapu-Lapu] was able to do some medical missions and giving back love to our friends in Tanauan, Leyte. As well all know, until know they need all the help we can give. Will get back to that in the coming month…

So this video I’m sharing with you right now has been out since late last year. I firmly believe that for every craft one needs to practice till they get used to it and get good at it. PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW IN ANYWAY, WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE UNLESS YOU ARE AN EXPERIENCED RIDER. THIS WAS DONE BY A PROFESSIONAL LONGBOARDER. Okay, I’m not shouting, just reminding.hehe ENJOY the RIDE!!!

Grupo Nopo profiles featuring EPOS

Grupo Nopo profiles EPOS aerial crash compilation

Raw Run#1

Raw Run#2


This is possible for ya’ll to see from the help of our friends abroad and with good love from neighboring islands of the Philippines. As a human being I am obliged to help my brothers and sisters in need. The aftermath of SUPER TYPHOON YOLANDA November 8, 2013, internationally known as HAIYAN, has obliterated parts of LEYTE and CEBU, Philippines… Few of my brave friends went along with me to seek survivors in LEYTE and help them in our own little way. Give them vital relief, medical kits and shelter support. This is the visual story we tell, after a week that typhoon has passed. Not much relief has reached some areas…


for more info, visit this links and fb pages. if you want to help or donate,
please contact me directly:



This is one of the projects that I’ve been super busy for the past months. Other than formulating solid story line, I have had to learn how to build, and fly RC multi-rotor systems [a remote controlled helicopter that take pictures and video up the air]. Also on top on that, shoot ground video and solely rely on my oldskul knowledge in basic editing. Refreshing those unexplored skills for the past year, I’ve been super busy and yet so silent about these stuffs. Here you go! Share this if you like the video. Full Video Coming soon…


special thanks to FILA SOFIA for all the support and help during production. As well as BIG RESPECT to the crew GrupoNopo, EPOS and SOULAMMO…